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bioWORLD, is a division of GeneLinx International, Inc., USA established in 1993 with the mission to bring quality molecular tools, biological reagents and lab supplies for analytical labs, educational and research institutions around the World. They specialise in products for the Life Sciences and Biotechnology industries with focus on bioAffinity reagents for protein purification and proteomics research. A large array of recombinant proteins and synthetic peptides are available. In addition, custom peptide synthesis and antibody production services are offered at a highly competitive prices.

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Glycomatrix™ is one of the largest manufacturer of native lectins and lectin conjugates with over 50 years of technical expertise in glycobiology and protein chromatography. Our affinity purified Affypure™ Lectins are freshly conjugated with various fluorophores, biotin, nano-gold and enzymes for IHC applications. Various lectin-conjugated Separopore® (agarose beads) allow purification of specific biomarkers from various body fluids or cell extracts for glycomics analysis. Glycan-specific multi-lectin kits conjugated with specific fluorophore/biotin/enzyme for the detection of various biomarkers are available for IHC applications.