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Stream Bio

Stream Bio develop and manufacture a range of innovative life science products based on our core technology, Conjugated Polymer Nanoparticles (CPNs™). CPNs™ are bioimaging molecular probes that cover the visible and near infra-red spectrum and are utilised in applications for R&D, in-vitro diagnostic assays and therapeutic research.

CPNs™ have superior properties to conventional probes and fluorophores such as an intense brightness (sensitivity), incredible stability (temperature and pH) and can be linked to a variety of targeting molecules through standard chemistries. LINKBRIGHT™ Conjugation kits are also available for the rapid conjugation (30min/60min) of antibodies and oligonucleotides to CPNs.

Stream Bio
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Engaged in COVID-19 research or diagnostic development?

Looking for a more sensitive, brighter fluorophore to link to your antibody that does not photo-bleach or require refrigeration and gives enhanced detection? A fluorophore that is easier to handle and is available in multiple colours for a variety of assays such as ELISA, lateral flow and others?

If you want a real advantage over Alexa dyes, gold nanoparticles or europium for multiplexed studies then check out Stream Bio's CPNs, available in a range of emission wavelengths.

CPNs are significantly brighter than Alexa dyes, dramatically improving diagnostic test sensitivity and allowing earlier and more reliable detection. In addition, CPNs are incredibly stable, highly resistant to photobleaching and resistant to extremities of temperature and pH.

The enhanced stability of CPNs allows their use in challenging environments and improves diagnostic methods that are currently limited by their detection sensitivity. This enables them to become reliable and trusted tools to combat infection.

CPNs can be linked to a wide range of antibodies via a number of standard methods or, alternatively, the team can provide a bespoke conjugation service. Contact us to find out more, or visit our website.