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  • The Animal Cells unit is focused on the production of primary cells and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) from companion animals and livestock. These cells are capable of  differentiation to many different tissues in vitro.
  • Pluripotent stem cells are sought after by academic researchers and industry alike for drug screening, genome engineering, cell therapy, disease modelling and gene discovery.
  • Initially we have focused on pigs and dogs, but it is envisaged that this will expand over time to include several other farm animal species, such as sheep and cattle as well as horses.



Animal iPS cells



Industrial iPS cells reprogramming process​

Primary Cell Products

We offer a range of products for animal iPS cell research. Initially this consists of a series of primary cell lines. They are Ultra-Primary cells, being specifically designed to be very early passage , high quality fibroblast lines designed specifically  to be excellent tools for iPS cell researchers.


Benefits of iPS cells and Fibroblasts

Animal cells cultured in vitro are invaluable tools for developing new drugs for the veterinary health care sector.  We can provide a number of primary cell types from a wide variety of species and breeds. Primary cell lines derived from somatic tissue have a limited replicative life in culture. We can reprogram these cells into pluripotent stem cells, which no longer undergo senescence and can therefore grow indefinitely. These pluripotent cells can subsequently be differentiated into any required lineage by manipulating their culture conditions.  This provides an unending supply of differentiated cells for further downstream application, be this drug screening, genetic modification or cellular therapeutics.


Bespoke Services

We offer bespoke services to those interested in induced pluripotent stem cells. We provide solutions for customers that are tailored to their needs. This includes primary tissue procurement, iPS cell derivation, banking and quality control through to differentiation into the desired cell type. We will work with you  to determine the best systems and approaches  whether you are interested in a specific species, breeds or individual animals.


Animal iPS cells derivation service

Quality Control

We offer an animal iPS cell derivation service. We work closely with clients to develop a bespoke service whether it is to generate iPS cells from specific species, breeds or individual animals. We  have a robust quality system to provide a high quality service and have experience with a variety of reprogramming protocols.