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Reddot Biotech Inc.

Reddot Biotech Inc. was founded in Kelowna BC, Canada, in 2015 on the principle that all researchers should have easy and reliable access to the products they need to continue their work. In 2022, Reddot Biotech opened a new office in Houston, TX to better serve customers in the global marketplace, and expanded our product lines to better fit researchers' needs. Reddot are now pleased to offer a wide range of ELISA kits in several different formats, as well as a large catalogue of antibodies and a new line of Molecular Biology products! They aim to provide customers in the global marketplace with a reliable supply of products with superior performance along with world class customer service.

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Reddot Biotech Inc.
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Ready-To-Use ELISA kits


Ready-To-Use ELISA kits are the latest product launch from Reddot Biotech. We’re always looking for ways to improve our products and increase our customer satisfaction.

Why Ready-To-Use?

Our new Redy-To-Use kits feature:

  • Pre-diluted detection reagents
  • Enhanced stability allowing all components to be stored at 4oC
  • Shortened experimental time
  • Same high quality and high sensitivity
  • Same 12 month shelf life
  • Over 6000 kits available in Ready-To-Use format

To get a quote for the products or to place an order, please email