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RJH Biosciences

RJH Biosciences is a biotechnology company located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Established in 2016, RJH Biosciences has been developing and commercializing transfection reagents for nucleic acid delivery in a variety of eukaryotic cell types. These reagents, known as lipopolymers, effectively deliver nucleic acid formulations into cells by forming ‘nano’ size complexes with nucleic acids. The lipopolymer formulations have been tailored to specific applications involving different nucleic acids and cell types. They can be easily produced by modern chemical synthesis techniques, allowing for both scaled-up production quantities and a cost-effective option for researchers and industry. These products are currently available for use in in vitro studies and in in vivo preclinical animal models.

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RJH Biosciences

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  • Lipopolymers composed of cationic polymers and lipid groups with superior delivery features
  • Suitable for use in in vitro and in animal models
  • Highly effective for suspension-growing cells such as immune cells
  • Can be used for hard-to-transfect cell phenotypes such as PBMCs (peripheral blood derived mononuclear cells) or sympathetic neurons
  • Products highly characterized for optimal use in different cell types and with specific nucleic acids
  • Products are available for plasmid DNA, siRNA, miRNA, mRNA, and ASO delivery
  • Can be supplied at gram quantities upon request for large scale applications
  • Reagents deployed in aqueous solvents without additives or organic solvents toxic to the cells
  • Over 700 formulations are available for optimization of customer needs (see screening services below)
  • High caliber customer service and consultation on the use of our products for best results


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