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Genetics & Bioengineering are our core experience and are used for directed in in-vitro evolution of novel enzymes with improved properties for Research and Diagnostics. A strong patent and IP potfolio, including proprietary methods for molecular evolution and bioprocess engineering is the guarantee for more accurate, robust, powerful polymerase and better PCR. Beyond off-the shelf products, we are open for custom enzyme and assay development in close cooperation with our customers. Procomcure is certified after the ISO Norms ISO 9001:2015 (for the development, distribution and production of molecular biological, cell biological and PCR products) and ISO 13485:2016 for the design, production and distribution of Medical Devices and associated Technical services.

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Standard enzymes are robust and reliable enzymes that are mostly used in routine applications such as colony PCR where all that matters is a clean product of a defined size. VitaTaq® polymerase produces single-stranded A-tails that can be used for TAcloning, VitaProof® produces amplicons with blunt ends.

HotStart polymerases are first activated upon the initial denaturation in the thermocycler. This allows for reaction setup at room temperature and increases specificity and yield. HotStart is favourable for complex DNA targets or multiplex applications or simply for convenient reaction setup.

High Fidelity
High fidelity PCR reagents work with proofreading polymerases that are capable of correcting falsely incorporated bases. They are the best choice if you have downstream applications for the amplified sequence like sequencing or cloning. Which reagent is right for your application?

Gel Loading
Products with a gel loading feature already contain a gel tracking dye to monitor the electrophoresis process and loading aid that makes the samples sink into the gel slots. Products with gel loading features are convenient to use as the addition of a separate loading dye after the PCR is not necessary. This saves time especially when processing a larger sample number.

Multiplex PCR is a highly complex procedure as several different primer pairs need to anneal properly and be amplified uniformly. PCR products for multiplex have a HotStart feature for increased specificity and an optimized buffer environment that allows for specific primer annealing and efficient amplification.

Long Range
In Long Range PCR, targets are often more then 5 kb long. Therefore, reagents for long amplification contain a fast polymerase to keep reaction times at a reasonable level and a special buffer formulation that protects the enzyme during prolonged periods at higher temperature and ensures specificity over long extension.

2X Mastermix
A 2X mastermix is a convenient solution for fast, easy and reproducable reaction setup. The mastermix contains a polymerase, an optimized buffer environment and dNTPs. All there is to add is your primer and template. 2X mastermix formulations are favourable if your reaction conditions do not change much and if you want to process a large number of samples.

Plant PCR
Plant material is often tricky to analyze in PCR as the template material contains a lot of PCR inhibiting agents that often stick with the DNA even after DNA isolation. PCR reagents that are designed for plant-based PCR work with a special buffer composition, that renders many plant-based inhibitors harmless. In endpoint applications, the use of plant extracts or direct samples is possible for extra convenience.

“GC-rich PCR” applies if your sequence of interest contains more than 60% GC base pairs. These sequences require higher temperatures for amplification that regular sequences and polymerases that can work under these suboptimal conditions.

Dx-Products contain VitaDx® Taq, a highly pure polymerase with all favourable features of a Taq polymerase (robust, fast and efficient amplification) but free from human, bacterial, parasitic viral and fungal DNA. The missing DNA background can reduce non-specific amplification events and increases precision of PCR analysis, an important feature when performing bacterial genome analysis.

Products labeled „PCC“ are our own proprietary inventions. They contain enzymes that have been developed by our team of experts in-house. Through in-vitro evolution, we developed bio-engineered designer polymerases that exhibit exceptional features such as high fidelity and superior processivity.

To help you choose the right enzyme for your application, we created a at-one-glance overview that shows you which product suits your application.

1 Best Choice - This is our recommendation for the indicated purpose. Choose this if you have a very specific application in mind.

2 Good option - Choosing this enzyme will most likely work for your purpose, but there might be a better choice. Choose this if you need the reagents for several different applications.

3 Suitable Option - means that a certain application might be possible with the enzyme but results will probably not be as good as they could be.

X Not recommended - If a product is not recommended for a certain application, you will not get the results you want (e.g. blunt ends for TA-cloning).

  VitaTaq® VitaTaq® HS VitaProof® Indominus™ VitaTaq®/ VitaProof®
VitaDx Taq®
Standard PCR 2 1 2 3 2 2
Fast PCR 2 2 X 1 3 2
Multiplex PCR 2 1 X 2 X 2
Colony PCR 2 1 3 3 3 2
Long Amplification 3 3 X 2 1 3
GC-Rich Amplification 2 2 3 3 3 2
Cloning (TA) 2 1 2 X X 2
Cloning (Blunt End) X X 2 1 X X
High Fidelity X X 2 1 3 X
Diagnostics X X X X X 1