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Fusion Antibodies

Fusion Antibodies is a world leading Contract Research Organisation (CRO), established in 2001. Working with an international client base, Fusion Antibodies provides services covering all aspects of antibody development. Fusion Antibodies is a publicly held company, trading on the London Stock Exchange (LSE FAB.L) with headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Our world class services, unrivalled expertise and commitment to clients make Fusion Antibodies your first choice for the development of antibodies for both therapeutic drug and diagnostic applications.

Fusion Antibodies

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Fusion Antibodies understand what is important to you. At Fusion Antibodies Fusion Antibodies designed a pipeline of services to accelerate your project into the clinic. Fusion Antibodies offer a complete range of antibody services in Discovery, Engineering and Supply. With multiple client antibodies in phase 1 and 2 trials Fusion Antibodies begin each project with the end in mind, to deliver the best possible antibodies.

  • Monoclonal Antibody Discovery: Fusion Antibodies offer antibody generation in mouse, rat and rabbit species using hybridoma or B cell screening technologies. Our expertise lies in tailored antigen design and development of robust screening strategies to isolate antibodies with suitable characteristics.
  • Antibody Sequencing: with 4 levels of service including standard variable domain and full length antibody sequencing, Fusion Antibodies have completed over 1000 projects and guarantee successful and accurate determination of your antibody sequence.
  • Antibody Humanisation: with over 115 projects completed and a 99% success rate, Fusion Antibodies offer one of the most effective humanisation platforms available to the biopharma industry. Six of our first 18 projects have entered clinical trials with the most advanced in Phase II.
  • Antibody Development: Fusion Antibodies offer both standard analysis and tailored optimisation packages to improve the development profile of your antibody and increase chances of success in the clinic.
  • Antibody Reformatting: to include chimerisation, class switching and development of Fc-fusion proteins or multispecific antibodies.
  • Antibody Affinity maturation: utilizing our know-how Fusion Antibodies offer focused rational library design for affinity optimisation of your lead antibodies. Fusion Antibodies are also developing a proprietary mammalian display-based platform.
  • Recombinant Protein Expression: Fusion Antibodies offer both standard and tailored programs to produce your protein of interest in either bacterial or mammalian systems, at the required quantity and QC spec.
  • Stable Cell Line Development: Fusion Antibodies offer CLD for both research and manufacturing purposes utilising a range of platforms. Our cGMP lines are robust and scalable with demonstrated yields of 2-8g/L.