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Biosearch Technologies

Biosearch Technologies, Inc., located in northern California, is a manufacturer of sophisticated oligonucleotides. Since 1993, Biosearch has been advancing nucleic acid technology with the invention of the series of Black Hole Quencher® (BHQ®) dyes. Their facilities are equipped with advanced robotics that can handle the rapid synthesis and purification of any oligo order, large or small. They offer a multitude of oligo synthesis options for custom DNA, RNA, and DNA/RNA hybrids. Having one of the largest selections of standard and specialty oligo modifications, Biosearch offers quencher, fluorophore, biotin, amine, phosphate, thiol, spacer, phosphorothioate bond, 2’ methoxy modifications, and much more.

Biosearch Technologies
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Dyes in BOLDFACE are standard products available from Biosearch. These and the BHQ dyes are available in one or more of the following forms: labeled oligos, phosphoramidites, CPGs, pre-packaged DNA synthesis columns, carboxylicacids, peptide synthesis resins, succinimidyl esters, and amine labels.

*QR (Quenching Range) stands for each BHQ dye’s FRET quenchingrange. Fluorophore dyes are shown for informational purposes only.Non-Biosearch fluorophores listed may be trademarked by companiesother than Biosearch Technologies and may not necessarily be available
from Biosearch, please visit for full disclosure.



These recommendations apply to dual-labeled fluorescence-quenched probes. They should not be used as guidelines for TAMRA-quenched probes or for Hybridization Probes that rely on FRET as a means of excitation.

Some instruments will require fluorescence calibration. Fluorescence calibration allows these instruments to record the spectral profile for the dye(s) to be used in subsequent assays by resolving the total detected light into signals contributed by the individual fluorophores.

Recommendations highlighted in yellow have not been proven and should be used cautiously on an experimental basis. *SuperROX dye is a proprietary passive reference available from Biosearch Technologies.