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Mohammad Shadab

Hello, I am Maddy, and I am the digital marketing manager at 2BScientific.

I am responsible for all the content such as articles, products, troubleshooting guides, supplier pages etc. on the website. I also handle company’s social media accounts from time to time in collaboration with our sister company Pivotal Scientific.

I am a forensic scientist by training with a focus on advanced cell biology and biochemistry. I am also a trained full stack web developer with MERN stack as my specialism.

Outside of work, I play cricket for minor county leagues, cook amazing food, read books or articles, spend time with my family including my dog and cat, learn coding, learn new languages, and watch crime thrillers.

Fun facts: I was a student leader at the University (Rep - 3 years, Ambassador - 1 year, Specialist Ambassador – 1 year, Debates Champion – 2 years). Also, I can speak 4 languages fluently and understand 7 languages perfectly.