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Ian Wilkinson

I’m 2BScientific’s newest board advisor. My job is to give the team my insight into how manufacturers and customers think and enable them to make 2BScientific a better and even more customer focussed distributor.

I spent the last decade of my career building Absolute Antibody up from the ground through to a multinational organisation with 50-100 employees across 3 countries. We grew extremely rapidly which was both a blessing and a curse, presenting many challenges both scientifically and operationally. Being employee #1 I got to dip my toes into almost every aspect of the business, although I kept myself out of the accounts team! My scientific expertise is recombinant antibodies (both as products and services) but I had to learn how to market and sell these into the academic, diagnostic and therapeutics markets.


Following the sale of Absolute Antibody I now act as an advisor to a number of organisations, am founder and CSO of another startup (mAbsolve) and run my own consultancy (mAbvice). In my spare time….well actually I have a 4 year old son so I don’t really have any spare time and when I do it is usually spent at a park or soft play area.