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2BScientific’s Brexit Statement

Looking ahead.


As we enter into the post-Brexit period we have naturally come across some hindrances / delays in shipping due to a little lack of clarity as to what the new rules mean. Most of these instances have been very localised and are endeavouring to address these ‘bottle-necks’ individually with minimum disruption to our regular interactions. Sadly, some of these instances have coincided with another great event in our present lives – that of COVID – exacerbating things further. If you have come across any issue then please let us know through and we will do our best to alleviate this.

One of the changes has been seen  in the flow of CE marked items. Whilst full UKCA is still some way away (01/01/2022), we here at 2BScientific Ltd do have mechanisms in place to address any interim arrangements presently in operation.