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About Us

With its headquarters in Oxfordshire, UK, 2BScientific is reinventing the supply of immunological reagents and kits to the European research market. At the heart of everything we do lies our mission statement: 2BScientific Ltd’s mission is to become the leading supplier of innovative life science reagents and services to the European research market.

Why Choose 2BScientific as your Distributor?

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We fulfil our mission by:

  • Providing the life science industry with a new, modern and personal approach to the supply of research reagents;
  • By developing innovations and solutions through working closely with our international supplier network. 
  • By our commitment to work everyday in accordance with our promise that “no one does more for the customer”.
  • 2BScientific is also committed to providing our employees with meaningful work and advancement opportunities.

Set up in 2009, Tim and James Bernard recognised how crucial it was for researchers to access the very latest reagents at affordable prices. The company offers the best quality products that make a world of difference to research;

  • Novel range of quality reagents and kits
  • A unique personal service and support designed with the researcher in mind
  • Value for money, always competitive
  • Easy access to friendly and experienced technical support
  • Easy to use website, on line ordering and technical resources
  • Quick and guaranteed delivery

We do things differently

Contact us for more details if you’re unsure – Email us -, Call us – +44 (0)1869 238033
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Slave-Free Alliance

Is part of Hope for Justice, a leading global charity. Slave-Free Alliance is a membership scheme for businesses of all sizes who want to protect and enhance their reputations and improve the quality of the products and services they offer.

We are now a member of the Slave Free Alliance, working towards the elimination of labour exploitation and a Slave Free Supply chain. Joining the Slave Free Alliance offers 2BScientific a ‘thought-through solution to a complex and growing risk area.

To find out more about the Slave Free Alliance, please visit:

2B Price Match!

2B Price Match!

Why not keep it easy?

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100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Product Satisfaction Guarantee

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2BScientific's Brexit Statement

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Its very important that our customers are satisfied with their experience with 2B, here are just some reviews!

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Promoting a Sustainable Future

Promoting a Sustainable Future

The environment is very close to our hearts from the smallest bee to the biggest iceberg! come see how we strive towards a greener future!

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2B the Difference

2B the Difference

Sometimes you have to examine yourself and your place in the world around you! come check out some of the good causes we support!

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Find out more about our whole team

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