2BScientific is now supporting the hard-working charity 'Bees for developmentwith donations.


Bees for Development is a small, specialist charity working with beekeepers in developing countries.  Bees provide essential income for many of the world’s poorest people, and in addition play a vital role in the pollination of crops and wild plants.

  • Honey and beeswax find ready markets and support income generation
  • Beehives can be made from low-cost local materials, almost anyone can get started with minimal financial input
  • Beekeeping provides medicine – honey and propolis are valued for their medicinal properties and are so important where medical facilities are poor
  • Bees feed on plants growing on other people’s land, this means even landless people can earn income from bees

Bees for Development was established in 1993 and has now worked in over 50 countries, always helping poor and remote communities to earn livelihoods through beekeeping.

We publish training materials and send them free of charge to schools, projects and organisations in the poorest countries.  We manage our own projects too, and have established Bees for Development Ethiopia and Bees for Development Ghana - these are Centres of Excellence, providing the excellent training that we know works best for beekeepers and bees. We know that the best way to support people to benefit from beekeeping is to focus always on using local skills, locally made equipment and always local bees. We place much emphasis on strengthening market chains and trade - there is no point in producing honey with no market to sell it into”!

Image 1.  Wubnesh Kindu was trained by Bees for Development in Ethiopia. She is now earning her own income for the first time and is helping her siblings with their school fees.

Image 2. In Uganda, Bees for Development has established a Women’s Honey Hub, enabling women beekeepers access to fair markets for their honey. 





2BScientific are proud Corporate Members of the British Beekeepers Association (BBKA) and support them by donating £1 from every order we receive.


The Fight for the Honey and Bumble Bee

Here at 2BScientific we care about the bees and do as much as we can to help them. We regularly donate to the British Bee Keepers Association and help raise awareness about the disappearance of the bees through social media.


Honey bees & Bumble bees are disappearing globally at an alarming rate due to pesticides, parasites, and disease and habitat loss. If these little insects that help provide so much of the food we eat were to vanish, what would we do without them?

Well we would not have the following:


Honey and Bumble bees play a pivotal role in our ecosystem as pollinators, and are essential in putting food on our tables. But, worryingly, the numbers of pollinators have been declining in recent years. The bee population in the UK alone has fallen between 10% and 15% over the last two years.


We are passionate about all bees (after all this is why we named our company 2BScientific) and this is why we contribute £1 for every order you as a customer places with us, to help with research funding by the British Bee Keepers Association into essential studies to help understand and reverse the bees decline. To date we have together raised over £10,000 to this great cause.









For further information please contact www.britishbee.org.uk


We are regularly running competitions to win adopt a beehive packs which include:

  • A jar of British honey
  • Burt’s bees lip balm
  • Key ring
  • Seeds for Bees and Butterflies
  • Bee Postcards
  • Chocolate Bee
  • Window Sticker
  • 10% off voucher for Burt’s Bees products


As our ongoing support for Bees grows we are now going to be donating to the ‘Bees for development’ (UK charity 1078803) Bees for development promote sustainable beekeeping to combat poverty and to build resilient livelihoods. They conserve and maintain the environment for people and for bees.


Bees make honey

Bees for development train beekeepers

Beekeepers make money


We look forward to supporting this wonderful UK based charity promoting beekeeping to combat poverty and to protect biodiversity is an excellent charity for 2BScientific Limited to support.